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Gas Man® 4.3 is available via download exclusively from Med Man Simulations, Inc.

You can order Gas Man® software using the online form below. After you submit through the Shopping Cart you will receive a download link and a key to register the product and use the full professional version of Gas Man®  If you have questions please email us at

To download the Gas Man software and manuals, an email to the download page will be sent to you along with a license key to allow you to download the full Professional Version of Gas Man, User Manual, and Workbook.

Information for your license keys is as follows.  Once you have downloaded the student version of the software please go to the help menu and select “register product”.  Please copy and paste the license key to then enter all information exactly as it is written.  Alternatively you may register using the “Register Using Key File/Open File” option.  Please do not attempt to retype any information should you choose to copy and paste.   Please keep your key in a location on your computer where you will be able to retrieve it if needed. This will give you access to the professional version of the software

License Platform Price Purchase Link
Single User Windows Free Add to Cart
Single User Mac OS X Free Add to Cart

Click here for the workbook.

Click here to download Educational Files

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