Gas Man® Unique Excellence

Gas Man® is a unique computer tool for teaching, simulating and experimenting with anesthesia uptake and distribution. It combines an award-winning tutorial book with powerful, easy-to-use software.

Each concept taught by Gas Man® is fully documented and further explained in the tutorial. The Gas Man® computer model graphically simulates the pharmacokinetics of anesthesia administration.It shows the time course of anesthesia uptake in each compartment of the body – lungs, heart, brain – as well as the breathing circuit and vaporizer.

Anesthesia uptake and distribution is one of the most challenging subjects in anesthesiology to learn and to teach. This is particularly true now that new agents are available for use in the operating room. And for clinical and economic reasons, it is increasingly important for anesthesia professionals to seek the most effective and least costly combination of agents and administration techniques.

Gas Man® is the answer for teaching, experimenting and planning anesthesia administration on the computer before trying it in the operating room. Gas Man® is used by hundreds of practicing anesthesiologists and dozens of medical and veterinary teaching programs around the world.